Edythe Streeks Obituary Book

Edythe Streeks

We heard that Edythe had been collecting and preserving obituaries of friends, relatives and neighbors since 1960 so we asked her if she would allow us to copy them and put them in a notebook to keep at our research center in Scottsbluff.  She agreed and I began copying and have now completed the project into 1986.

We appreciate her loan of the books so we could copy them.  Thank you Edythe,

Carole Jensen Tucker, volunteer

Each page of Edythe’s binder contained several obituaries which had been pasted in place.  The pages were scanned into the computer and then each obituary was cropped and made an individual image.  Those images and its associated list are being place here for free for researchers as a way to honor Edythe and the work she did.




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