Probate / Heir Research

Probate / Heir Research is often an arduous and expensive task that can be very time consuming and will no doubt require the skills of all of our staff members here at the Center, we will utilize every resource we have at our disposal and may even call in some favors in an attempt to produce positive, accurate and complete research results. Our retainer or base research fee to begin this type of research is $500.00 and includes 20 hours of research time.  An additional cost of $25.00 per hour will be incurred after the initial 20 research hours has been expended.  That may seem steep to some, but we essentially drop what we are doing and provide an “All Hands On Deck” approach to solving heir research requests. If your research requires more than 20 hours of time we will communicate our research progress directly to you and then discuss whether additional research time would be beneficial and the likelihood of producing target results.  A final report, with supporting documents, will be submitted at the conclusion of the research.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Also, please keep in mind we will not tackle any heir research requests without the base research fee paid in advance. Unfortunately our generosity has been taken advantage of in the past and we must now require retainer pre-payment.

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