35mm Photo Slide Scanning Service

35mmSlides2Over the years we have worked on a number of projects which required the scanning of 35mm slides and film negatives.  Instead of outsourcing the work to an out of area vendor we opted to purchase our own equipment so we would always have it on hand in case we needed it for similar projects.  Like most libraries, the equipment we own may be used by the general public if the equipment is not already being used by the staff for another project.  We understand that some people will not feel comfortable using our equipment or they simply don’t wish to do their own slide digitization project themselves so we will scan and digitize their slides for them based on the fee schedule below.



Projects with up to 100 slides $25.00 minimum charge
Projects with 101 to 500 slides $0.20 per slide
Projects with 501 to 1000 slides $0.15 per slide
Projects with over 1001 slides $0.10 per slide
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