October is National Family History Month!!

In honor of National Family History month the National Archives and Records Administration will be conducting their 11th annual Virtual Genealogy Fair by holding a series of live webinars on October 21st and 22nd.  The West Nebraska Family Research & History Center has teamed up with the NARA to broadcast the webinars live to public for free.  The live webinars will be projected on the Center's big screen which will allow fair attendees to clearly view the material being presented while also permitting a method to communicate directly with the NARA staff during the presentations.  Below is a copy of the daily schedule.  You are welcome to attend some of all of the sessions at the Center.


Genealogy Roundtable Forum: Oct 2015

The West Nebraska Family Research & History Center conducts a monthly Genealogy Roundtable Forum on the third Saturday of each month at 1:30 pm. Topics vary in subject matter and length of presentation but are always followed up by a question & answer period. The programs are free and open to the public.

October Forum Rescheduled

The regularly scheduled Genealogy Roundtable Forum for Saturday, October 17th has been rescheduled to coincide with the National Archives and Records Administration's Virtual Genealogy Fair and lecture series as described above.  Please join us if you can.

Next month's forum will be Veteran focused in recognition of Veteran Day.  The forum will be at the regular time and day, Saturday, November 21st at 1:30pm.



Our Field Trip to DPL!

Three staff members and three patrons all gathered together on seventh floor of the Denver Public Library to visit, tour and research in the Western History & Genealogy Center on Saturday, Sept. 19th.  Our tour guide, Lou-Jean Rehn, met us in the gallery area just outside of the entrance to the WH&GC.  We listened intently to all the information she had to share and then we proceeded inside to begin our orientation to collection.  Although impressive seems appropriate to describe the collection it is actually a severely lacking understatement.  The best recommendation we can offer is for you to just go see and peruse the collection.  Below are a few photos that were take during our trip.  More will be added on our website.


What's New:

The following items have been added to our collection and are located in the Carole Tucker Reading Room:

• Postal History of Nebraska
               - c1985 - by William F. Rapp - 150p

• History of the Christian Churches and Platte Valley Bible College
               - c1969 - by Leon Moomaw - 143p

• Pender, Nebraska : The first 100 Years, 1885-1985
               - c1985 - by the Pender Centennial Committee - 536p

• Gresham, Nebraska : 1887-1987, 100 Years of growth & community pride
               - c1987 - by the Gresham History Book Committee - 546p

• History of Talmadge, Nebraska : 1882-1976 w/ 1982 supplement
               -c1976 - by Edward F. Battcher - 92p

• Sterling Colorado Centennial & Logan Co., Family History : 1884-1984
               - c1984 - by the Sterling Centennial Committee - 440p

• Unsere Leute Von Kautz : Our People from Kautz
               - c1989 - by Elaine Frank Davison - 154p

• 1964 Impressions : University of Nebraska College of Dentistry annual
               - c1964 - Donald W. Bucy & John H. Nasi [co-editors] - 78p


Contributions & Donations:

We wish to gratefully and publically acknowledge the recent research material donations and/or financial contributions by the following individuals and/or organizations.  Their contributions and support is paramount to our success and we truly appreciate their generosity.

• Jeanie Knudtson

• Rich Dermer estate

• Mattie Robinson

• Alice Reuter

• Rick Lehl and the George & Delight Pugsley estate

• Pat Kambel

 **The West Nebraska Family Research & History Center was incorporated in the state of Nebraska in 2003 as a not-for-profit, public genealogy and local history research library.  Funding provided primarily through donations**


Attention Minatare & Area Residents

 Let you legacy live for the future generations to read by submitting your family story to be recorded in the Minatare History Book which is currently being written.

The history book will include the follow:

•  History of the Minatare area

•  Family stories from Minatare area residents

•  Stories about Minatare businesses and early settlers

•  Photos of early Minatare life to present

Some families with a Minatare address have been here a very long time and others only recently, but each family is valuable to the developement of our town. You may write your own story or a member of our committee can interview you. A special thanks to all residents who have already submitted stories and photos.

Send information to: Juanita Baker - 150341 CR 31 - Minatare, NE 69356 - 308-783-1957
Mary Warren via e-mail to minatare1887@gmail.com