Digitized Sioux County newspapers are here!

After three months of planning and patience we have just received the digitized copies of the Sioux County newspapers.  As you may recall from a previous newsletter, we had worked out an agreement with one of our patrons in Florida to split the cost of digitizing the Sioux County newspapers.  The digitization process has been completed and we have received the files.  The next step is to OCR (optical character recognition) the images to make them word searchable and then combine the individual newspaper pages into specific volume / issue PDF files.  The next two steps are very time consuming so an estimate is not yet available on when that part of the project will be completed.  However like the Minatare newspapers, the browsable images will be place on our website in the "Members Only" area while we work on the OCR and PDF conversion steps.


Genealogy Roundtable Forum: Feb 2018

The West Nebraska Family Research & History Center conducts a monthly Genealogy Roundtable Forum on the third Saturday of each month at 1:30 pm. Topics vary in subject matter and length of presentation but are always followed up by a question & answer period. The programs are free and open to the public.

History of Love and Welsh Love Spoons

In honor of Valentines Day, Ray Richards will presenting his program on Love, Welsh Love Spoons and his Welsh family on Saturday, February 17th at 1:30 pm.

Welsh love spoons are hand made wooden spoons carved from one piece of wood, traditionally sycamore, but occasionally carved out of yew, oak, boxwood and even fruit trees such as apple or wild cherry.
Originally made by young men during the long winter nights or by young men on long sea voyages, love spoons were carved to express his intentions towards a particular girl and were designed and decorated according to his own imagination.  A love spoon would be given to a girl as an indication that he wished to court her. If the young man succeeded in capturing the girl's heart, then the spoon would be treasured and proudly displayed on one of the walls of their home, much as a wedding photograph would be today. It is quite possible also, that a particularly popular girl would receive several spoons from would-be suitors; but it is unlikely that a young man would spend too much time and effort if he did not think he had a realistic chance of winning the girl. When a girl accepted the spoon, the young people would more than likely then embark on a relationship and be seen as a 'couple' by their community.


What's New:

The following items have been added to our collection and are located in the Carole Tucker Reading Room:

• They Called it Exeter
          c1979 - by Exeter Centennial Book Committee - 287 pgs

• Tales of Old-Time Texas
          c1955 - by J. Frank Dobie - 336 pgs



Contributions & Donations:

We wish to gratefully and publicly acknowledge the recent research material donations and/or financial contributions by the following individuals and/or organizations.  Their contributions and support is paramount to our success and we truly appreciate their generosity.

• Shirley Weihing


 **The West Nebraska Family Research & History Center was incorporated in the state of Nebraska in 2003 as a not-for-profit, public genealogy and local history research library.  Funding provided primarily through donations**


News & Events

The Nebraska State Genealogical Society will hold their 2018 conference and annual membership meeting on April 27th and 28th at the River's Edge Convention Center in Columbus, Nebraska.  Nationally known genealogical speaker, Judy Russell (The Legal Genealogist) will present five programs as outlined on the NSGS website, in addition, several other break-out sessions are planned.  To view the most current information about this event please visit the Nebraska State Genealogical Society's website at nsgs.org.


Panhandle Genealogical Societies

Rebecca Winters Genealogical Society (RWGS)

The RWGS meets on the second Wednesday of each month usually at the Lied Scottsbluff Public Library.  Information about the society and newsletter items can be e-mailed directly to newsletter editor and society secretary, Jeanie Knudtson at jeaniekingknud@yahoo.com.

Plains Genealogical Society (PGS)

The PGS meets on the fourth Thursday of each month at the Kimball Public Library.  Information about the society, their meetings and their programs can be e-mailed directly to Freddie Petersen, society President, at fpetersen@firstierbanks.com.

Heritage Seekers genealogy group (HSGG)

The HSGG meets on the third Thursday of each month usually at the Knight Museum in Alliance.  Information about the group and their programs can be directed to the Knight Museum staff at museum@cityofalliance.net.

Cheyenne Co., Genealogical Society (CCGS)

The CCGS meets quarterly (Jan-Apr-Jul-Oct) on the third Thursday at 2:00pm at the Sidney Public Library.  Information about the society, their meetings and their programs can be directed to Jan King at king43993@gmail.com.

Northwest Genealogical Society (NWGS)

The NWGS no longer actively meets as a society.  A couple of members meet occasionally as a group to maintain the society charter and its books.


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