September is Nebraska Archeology Month

A number of events are planned throughout the state during the month of September to recognize and celebrate archeology and the rich history that has been discovered and uncovered in Nebraska.  The History Nebraska website details the events going on at various locations in state but a few that are relatively close to panhandle residents are:

• Red Cloud Agency Community Dig
            Sept. 29th & 30th, 9am-5pm -- registration fee required

• Archeology Open House
            Sept. 29th, 7pm-9pm -- No cost

• Fort Robinson Free Family Fun Day
            Sept. 30th, 2pm-4pm -- No cost


Genealogy Roundtable Forum: Sep 2018

The West Nebraska Family Research & History Center conducts a monthly Genealogy Roundtable Forum on the third Saturday of each month at 1:30 pm. Topics vary in subject matter and length of presentation but are always followed up by a question & answer period. The programs are free and open to the public.

The Rubidoux Mysteries

Gretchen Deter will be presenting her program on the Rubidoux family on Saturday, Sept. 15th at 1:30pm at the Research Center.

We have all heard of Rubidoux Pass and we know the story of the Rubidoux Trading Post (or at least we think we do). There is so much more to the story of the Rubidoux’s. The family of the well known fur trappers were an integral part of exploring the American west. As far back as the 1600, during the reign of Louis XIV of France, the Rubidoux’s traded and trapped over much of French Canada and the American west. They did some amazing things; both good and bad. You will hear the story of the Rubidoux family, their trading and trapping adventures, the building of the city of St. Joseph and their trails,  trials, and trading posts. This is a fascinating story about a fascinating family.



DNA Basics for the Genealogist

Again, we offer our most sincere appreciation to Robert Zemanek for returning to present his highly customized program on DNA and the basics for Genealogists.

Rather than presenting his normal prepared program, Robert focused his attention on forum attendees and all the questions they had about DNA, DNA testing and DNA test results.  Although there are many companies out there offering to do DNA testing, the most often asked question is, "I got my test results back, now what?"  Robert spent considerable time trying to help people understand the DNA test results they received while also helping those that have yet to do any DNA testing realize what they could possibly receive if they proceed with submitting a DNA sample for testing.

Again, we say thank you Robert!!


Panhandle Post
     Online Newspaper

It was brought to our attention recently about this all-digital online newspaper. The "local" office is located in Alliance, NE but it's corporate office is based out of Hays, Kansas. It appears the focus area for this paper is the southern sandhills area of the panhandle but there are articles from all over Nebraska. Click the logo above to visit their site and enjoy.


What's New:

The following items have been recently added to our collection.  Most items, once cataloged, can be located in the Carole Tucker Reading Room:

• 1992 Bluff : Scottsbluff school annual v74
           c1992 - by  [editor] - 212 pgs

• 1994 Bluff : Scottsbluff school annual v76
           c1994 - by  [editor] - 216 pgs

• History of Guthrie and Adair Counties, Iowa
           c1884 - by the Continental Historical Company - 1105 pgs

• Brainard, Nebraska : from then to now, the first 125 years : 1878-2003
           c2003 - by - Brainard Q125 Committee, Debbie Behne [editor] - 227 pgs

• Nebraska Beer : Great Plains History by the Pint
           c2015 - by Tyler A. Thomas - 144 pgs


Contributions & Donations:

We wish to gratefully and publicly acknowledge the recent research material donations and/or financial contributions by the following individuals and/or organizations.  Their contributions and support is paramount to our success and we truly appreciate their generosity.

• Edwyna Weber

• Judi Widmaier

 **The West Nebraska Family Research & History Center was incorporated in the state of Nebraska in 2003 as a not-for-profit, public genealogy and local history research library.  Funding provided primarily through donations**


New Archive and Digital Records on

FamilySearch expanded its free online archives in August 2018 with over 13 million new indexed family history records which includes over 11.2 million newly indexed records in the United States. Click below to see new records recently published on


Panhandle Genealogical Societies

Plains Genealogical Society (PGS)

The PGS meets on the fourth Thursday of each month at the Kimball Public Library.  Information about the society, their meetings and their programs can be e-mailed directly to Freddie Petersen, society President, at

Heritage Seekers genealogy group (HSGG)

The HSGG meets on the third Thursday of each month usually at the Knight Museum in Alliance.  Information about the group and their programs can be directed to the Knight Museum staff at

Cheyenne Co., Genealogical Society (CCGS)

The CCGS meets quarterly (Jan-Apr-Jul-Oct) on the third Thursday at 2:00pm at the Sidney Public Library.  Information about the society, their meetings and their programs can be directed to Jan King at


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