In honor of National Family History Month we are proud to announce that we have just launched a new website and project which has been developed specifically as a photo respository of lost and found family photos where the current owner is attempting to return or reunite unidentified cabinet card photos back to their rightful family. has been "in the works" for several months and is now ready to go live.  The way it was designed is to allow people to upload old cabinet card style photos of unknown individuals to the project site thereby giving the public an opportunity to view the photos and possibly identify one or more of the unknown people in the cabinet card photo(s).  If a positive identification of one or more individuals can be determined through other supporting photos, the person making the claim to the cabinet card photo on the site can receive the original cabinet card photo for their personal collection.  We have no interest in keeping old family photos if the rightful family would like to have it.  The public may submit cabinet card photos to the project directly through the front side of the website but they must understand that by doing so they are also allowing the cabinet card photo to be claimed by its family.

Every county in every state has already been added to the site as "Collections".  When cabinet card photos are uploaded to the site the contributor will select the county and/or state based on the information printed on the photo.  If no studio, county or state information is available then the photo will be added to an *Unknown Location/Place Collection.  Each photo uploaded to the site will have to be approved by an Administrator to make sure it meets certain criteria before it can be viewed by the public.  A few photos have already been added to the project so please feel free to look around and see if you recognize anyone, if you do, you are welcome to claim the photo and we'll start the claim process.

We would like to express our appreciation and gratitude to Patty Phipps for helping us enter all the states and counties into the site database for us to use as "Collections".  Without Patty's help this project would still be on the drawing board in the planning stages.  THANK YOU PATTY!!


Genealogy Roundtable Forum: Oct 2018

The West Nebraska Family Research & History Center conducts a monthly Genealogy Roundtable Forum on the third Saturday of each month at 1:30 pm. Topics vary in subject matter and length of presentation but are always followed up by a question & answer period. The programs are free and open to the public.

Our German Heritage

Janelle (Birdsall) Anderson together with her mother, Connie Birdsall will present a program about their German family research journey, how it began and where it has taken them.  You will hear stories about "the old country", aviators Orville & Wilbur Wright, a circuit riding preacher, bullfrogs and lightning bugs.  This family history adventure and road to discovery began with the late Larry Birdsall and his wife, Connie as they traveled to Germany to meet extended families including their Gompert relatives and then visiting the Linn Castle which is part of Connie's side of the family.

The program will begin at 1:30 pm on Saturday, October 20th at the Research Center at 1602 Ave A in Scottsbluff.  As always the program is free and open to the public.



The Rubidoux Mysteries

Gretchen Deter presented her program on the Rubidoux family on Saturday, Sept. 15th at 1:30pm at the Research Center.

We have all heard of Rubidoux Pass and we know the story of the Rubidoux Trading Post (or at least we think we do). There is so much more to the story of the Rubidoux’s. The family of the well known fur trappers were an integral part of exploring the American west. As far back as the 1600, during the reign of Louis XIV of France, the Rubidoux’s traded and trapped over much of French Canada and the American west. They did some amazing things; both good and bad. You will hear the story of the Rubidoux family, their trading and trapping adventures, the building of the city of St. Joseph and their trails,  trials, and trading posts. This was a fascinating story about a fascinating family.



If you've been to the Research Center on any given Saturday over the last several years you have no doubt met Mattie Robinson, our Saturday volunteer staff member.  Mattie has decided to retire effective Sept. 29th to spend more time concentrating on family and other projects.  Mattie has been keeping the doors open, answering questions and offering research guidance to those ask.  Although we won't be seeing Mattie every Saturday, she has agreed to work on some special projects for us at home.  We wish Mattie well and again, thank her for everything she has done for us over years.

We are exploring options to maintain Saturday as an "open day" but its possible we may miss a Saturday or two while we work out a schedule.  If you are coming in from out of town to do some research please call ahead to make sure we are there for you.


W A N T E D!!

Young, Skinny, Wiry Fellows

This month's meeting of the WYSHS Goshen County Chapter will be given by Jerry Lucas, Historian from Western Nebraska Community College, his program will be on the success and perils of the Pony Express.

The Pony Express lasted from April 1860 to November 1861 and delivered mail from New York to San Francisco every Tuesday and Saturday and took only ten days!!

Come and hear all about the events surrounding this LEGEND!!  at 7:00 p.m. Tuesday evening October 23rd at the Platte Valley Bank Community Room in Torrington, Wyoming.


Free Research Websites:

• : Ok2Explore is a free searchable index of births and deaths that occurred in the state of Oklahoma. Included is limited information on births occurring more than 20 years ago and deaths occurring more than 5 years ago.

• New York State Birth Index 1881-1942 : These are scanned images of the index to births that occurred in the state of New York, originally compiled by the New York State Department of Health (NYS DOH). Note that this index does not contain lists of births from New York City.


What's New:

The following items have been recently added to our collection.  Most items, once cataloged, can be located in the Carole Tucker Reading Room:

• 1919 Bluff : Scottsbluff High School annual - v2
           c1919 - Robert Patterson (editor) - 96 pgs

• 1920 Bluff : Scottsbluff High School annual - v3
           c1920 - Bruce Magee (editor) - 116 pgs

• 1921 Bluff : Scottsbluff High School annual - v4
           c1921 - Irma Lewis (editor) - 112 pgs

• 1922 Bluff : Scottsbluff High School annual - v5
           c1922 - Dorothy Carr (editor) - 104 pgs

• 1992 Bluff : Scottsbluff High School annual
           c1992 - Heather Kautz & Olga Flores (co-editors) - 212 pgs

• 1994 Bluff : Scottsbluff High School annual
           c1994 : Amy Schnell (editor) - 216 pgs

• 1946 Tiger : Mitchell High School annual
           c1946 - Pat Simpson (editor) - 42 pgs

• 1939 Golden Gate International Exposition : America's World's Fair on the Pacific
           c1939 - Leland W. Cutler (president) - 52 pgs

• 1924 Ecalpinu : University Place High School annual
           c1924 - (editor) - pgs

• 1936 Ecalpinu : University Place High School annual
          c1926 - (editor) - pgs

• 1927 Ecalpinu : University Place High School annual
          c1927 - (editor) - pgs

• Lambert Brumbaugh Van Dyke memorial book

• Merle Alfred Van Dyke memorial book


Contributions & Donations:

We wish to gratefully and publicly acknowledge the recent research material donations and/or financial contributions by the following individuals and/or organizations.  Their contributions and support is paramount to our success and we truly appreciate their generosity.

• Terry Willis

• Barb Lundgren

• Evelyn Fegler

• Bob & Florence Gifford

• Edwyna Weber

• Nancy Sato

• Jo Beeney

 **The West Nebraska Family Research & History Center was incorporated in the state of Nebraska in 2003 as a not-for-profit, public genealogy and local history research library.  Funding provided primarily through donations**


New Archive and Digital Records on

FamilySearch expanded its free online archives in September 2018 with over 13 million new indexed family history records which includes over 3.5 million newly indexed records in the United States. Click below to see new records recently published on


Panhandle Genealogical Societies

Plains Genealogical Society (PGS)

The PGS meets on the fourth Thursday of each month at the Kimball Public Library.  Information about the society, their meetings and their programs can be e-mailed directly to Freddie Petersen, society President, at

Heritage Seekers genealogy group (HSGG)

The HSGG meets on the third Thursday of each month usually at the Knight Museum in Alliance.  Information about the group and their programs can be directed to the Knight Museum staff at

Cheyenne Co., Genealogical Society (CCGS)

The CCGS meets quarterly (Jan-Apr-Jul-Oct) on the third Thursday at 2:00pm at the Sidney Public Library.  Information about the society, their meetings and their programs can be directed to Jan King at


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