Barb Goldman

Nov 2014 – Ellis Island…or Not!

Ellis_IslandStaff member Barb Goldman will present her program about Ellis Island for our November 15th forum.  She will start the discussion with the earliest inhabitants (Native Americans) of New York and the island known as Ellis Island and then she’ll move on to other early immigrant stations on the west coast ‘welcoming’ Chinese and Japanese immigrants and how they were treated.

The majority of the presentation will be on the New York stations beginning with Castle Garden and then Ellis Island.  She’ll talk about the struggles of the immigrants…..what issues caused them to leave their homeland, the struggles of just getting to a port, the horrific conditions on the early ships, the ways they were taken advantage of before they left the ports and then again when they arrived in the U.S.

Barb plans to include several pictures she’s taken at the island and will relate stories about what Ellis Island has become.  Barb also has several stories from and about some of the immigrants.

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