Brian & Colin Croft

Mar 2017 – Brian Croft
NE150 : Nebraska Statehood

We welcomed back Brian Croft, English and History instructor at WNCC, who presented a program on the background of Nebraska’s statehood, from its territorial controversies and in-house politics to the Federal demand for a revision of its proposed state Constitution.  Brian has such an incredible amount of knowledge on the state of Nebraska and keeps the subject so interesting that he is very easy to listen to while you absorb the information.  Although he covered a lot of ground in his discussion we craved more and kept him longer than we’re sure he anticipated.

Brian brought with him a number of 1867-era maps and other pieces of ephemera that he often referred to during his discussion, Some of the maps in his collection are very rare and we feel privileged and thrilled that he shared them with us.

If you missed this program, you really missed an opportunity to learn about Nebraska from a dedicated professional.

** As a side note, this forum event is part of the statewide NE150 celebration as indicated below:

Congratulations! The Nebraska 150 Celebration is pleased to inform you that “NE150: A Roundtable Forum at the West Nebraska Family Research & History Center” has been approved as an Official Event of the Nebraska Sesquicentennial. This event fits wonderfully with our mission and we are excited to add it to our celebration.

Regan Anson | Executive Director | Nebraska 150 Celebration



Apr 2014

– We are please invite back and host Brian and Colin Croft as they discuss the role of speculation in the development of the Nebraska Territory, examining both the influence of territorial “wildcat” banking and the early methods of land acquisition and disposal.

Brothers Brian and Colin Croft are instructors at Western Nebraska Community College.  Brian is an English Instructor and also does a class on Nebraska History.  Colin is a Social Science Instructor.



Aug 2012

– Colin and Brian Croft of the Western Nebraska Community College will be discussing several items from their map and historical document collection, with an emphasis on the western United States and western Nebraska migration/settlement in the late 1800s and early 1900s (railroad expansion and development, Kincaid Act, etc.).  The program and subsequent discussion forum will be August 18th beginning at 1:30pm.



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