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As a service to the local genealogy community the West Nebraska Family Research & History Center hosts a monthly Genealogy Round-table Forum.  The goal of the monthly Forum is to bring people together to listen to and learn about genealogy related topics and then have an open discussion about that topic.  The Forum is scheduled for the third Saturday each month at 1:30pm.  Occasionally we will schedule a field trip where we all carpool somewhere, but for the most part all of the round-table discussions are held at our facility in Scottsbluff.  Below is a copy of the speaker and topic schedule for the current year and a list and link to topics we discussed in prior years.  Please consider joining us and sharing your knowledge.

2021 GenForum

2020 GenForum

2019 GenForum

  • Jan – Al Kukas : The story of and my connection to Kukas, Russia
  • Feb – Bryan L. Jones : Author of North of the Platte, South of the Niobrara book signing event
  • Mar – Cancelled due to weather
  • Apr – TBA
  • May – Bob Manasek : Scottsbluff National Monument and Oregon Trail Museum History
  • Jun – Field trip to Alliance (Nebraska Veterans Cemetery, Sallows Miliatry Museum, Knight Museum & Sandhills Center)
  • Jul – TBA
  • Aug – TBA
  • Sep – TBA
  • Oct – TBA
  • Nov – TBA
  • Dec – Annual Holiday Open House

2018 GenForum

2011 GenForum

2010 GenForum

  • Jan – Judy Leafdale: Genealogical Research in Banner County and the Banner Co., Museum Complex
  • Feb – Foothills Moving Pictures: Film & Audio Media Preservation and Digitization Demonstration.
  • Mar – Floyd Smith III: Genealogy and Copyright
  • Apr – Tom Buecker: Ft. Robinson and the Genealogical Research Materials available to researchers
  • May – Floyd Smith III: Nebraska State and National Genealogical Society Conference Reports
  • Jun – DNA & Family Health History – Why it’s so important and some family health traits to keep an eye on.
  • Jul – Genealogy Field Trip to the new Cheyenne Public Library
  • Aug – TBA
  • Sep – Brown Bag Lunch & Book Sharing Day ~ Bring your lunch and one or several of your favorite research books to share with everyone.
  • Oct – WNFRHC GenFair: An on-site genealogy fair with booths showcasing several genealogy organizations and companies.
  • Nov – Join the Staff at WNFRHC to help us plan our 2011 GenForum schedule.
  • Dec – Annual Holiday Open House
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