Glenda Larsen


Glenda Larsen will present her program on the history and styles of fur coats and fur accessories from the 1920’s to the 1960’s and will display a small portion of her collection of more than 100 fur coats.  Not only has Glenda worked to amass a large collection of fur coats over the years, she has been researching styles, designs, make up or construction, and fur coat material including faux fur coats.  Glenda’s research material includes old catalogues, period posters, price lists and historical books on the fur trade in addition to other media she used to identify the coats she has previously owned or currently has in her collection.  Glenda has offered to help identify animal species used in the manufacture any fur coats you may have in your possession, just bring your coat(s) with you to the Forum.  Her extensive knowledge and understanding of fur coats and related accessories is unsurpassed in this region.

Glenda’s  personal fur collection is not for sale however some of the fur coats that she is aware of that are for sale are located at Julie’s Antiques in Gering with all proceeds going to benefit local law enforcement canine units or the local humane society.  Glenda will also accept donated fur coats for inclusion with those that are for sale at Julie’s Antiques with the donor specifying the beneficiary of the sales proceeds.

The goal of this presentation is not to enter into the politics of owning a fur coat nor the methods used to harvest the fur, but rather to highlight the history of the fur industry and the continuously evolving fur coat market.  Glenda does not invite nor welcome a debate but is more than happy to discuss her collection, the condition of her collection and the time periods where most interest was generated in fur coats and fur accessories.



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