Gretchen Deter: “Black Robe Priest”

The Story of Pierre Jon Desmet

Many history lovers have been infatuated with the life and works of Pierre Jon Desmet, one of the American West’s greatest explorers, cartographers, Native American advocates, and missionary. He came from East Flanders in Belgium to America to dedicate is life to spreading Christianity to the western Native Americans and while doing so, he changed the West in a way that no other man ever did.
By horseback, canoe, and foot, he traveled over 130,000 miles across America spreading the word of Christ. As a Jesuit missionary, he dedicated his life to the American Indian, especially the Flathead Indians in the Northern Rocky Mountains.
Whether you are a history buff or someone just wishing to learn a fascinating story, this program will help you to understand the amazing life and accomplishments of this “Black Robe Priest”.
The program will be Saturday, November 18, 2017 at the West Nebraska Family Research & History Center at 1602 Ave A in Scottsbluff and begins at 1:30pm.

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