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There seems to be some confusion about how and where to search for information on this website so let’s try to clear that up.

There are actually two separate and distinct search functions that a person can use while looking for information on our website. The first and most likely place to “get a hit” for the search terms you are wanting to use is with the Database Search option in sliding menu above.  If you choose to do a search through the Database Search function you will be shown a list of everything we have in our various databases that we’ve posted online. That’s not to say it’s an all inclusive list of every resource we have here at the center, but instead it’s information we have put into one or more various databases for online access.

The second search option is to enter your search terms using the search form and button in the right hand sidebar. If you search through the sidebar you will ONLY be given results of your search terms that appear in an article or other type of published page on this website. Using the sidebar search DOES NOT access any of our online databases we have built and maintain. For example, if you are looking for an obituary for John Doe, you would use Database Search to see if we have it. The only way John Doe would appear in a search from the sidebar is if we are mentioned as a memorial gift recipient in his obituary, we would then post the obituary as an article on the site which would yield a positive search result from the sidebar search function.

If you need further help with searching on this site or need additional clarification please let us know by commenting below or by utilizing the Contact Us option on the menu bar above.



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