Jeanie Knudtson: The KKK in Nebraska

The program on June 17, 2017 will be presented by Jeanie Knudtson aka Marie Jean for Genealogical correctness :).  Jeanie will present a power point program on the KKK.  She will give some of the early history and then takes us on the path of the KKK in Nebraska.  Could it be that one of YOUR ancestors belonged or supported the ideas of the KKK?  Or maybe they were a target for religious reasons?

Jeanie has been doing “serious “Genealogy since 1993.  She is a lifetime member of the Columbine Genealogical Society in Littleton, CO.  Currently she is a member of the Nebraska State Genealogical Society and holds the titles of Secretary and Newsletter Editor for the Rebecca Winters Genealogical Society in Scottsbluff.

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