Kent Hargraves

union-pacificHistory of the Union Pacific Railroad, their stations, sidings and spur tracks in western Nebraska.

Kent Hargraves has been interested in the Union Pacific Railroad since he was just a youngster, now employed by the UP as a Director of Track Maintenance; Kent has had the unique opportunity to work on the tracks that he enjoyed learning about when he was young.  Kent will share a look at the history of the Union Pacific North Platte branch which runs from North Platte to Lyman, Nebraska.  We will see maps, old and new, and the changes to the track system over time.  His discussion will include his work studying, discovering and trying to understand the stations, sidings and spur tracks built, used and sometimes abandoned by the Union Pacific Railroad in western Nebraska, for example, whatever happened to Peter’s reservoir?  Many people do not realize how many little spur tracks were built and used by the railroad to service very specific areas of the state and in particular, the panhandle.  Often times spur tracks were put down just to go to a beet dump or to a grain elevator or any other industry where over-the-road transportation was not yet convenient or practical.

A question / answer and sharing session will follow Kent’s presentation.  If you know of some old spur tracks in western Nebraska please consider joining us and sharing your knowledge.



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