Lake Minatare Breeze ~ VCC Co. 2745

Lake Minatare BreezeThe Lake Minatare Breeze was the VCC (Veterans Conservation Corp) Company #2745 camp newspaper/newsletter which was published for the first time on April 15, 1935. The first editor was Herbert Musgrave. “The Breeze”, as it was affectionately known, was published bi-monthly in the beginning and then became a monthly newspaper with the printing of the October 10, 1935 issue. The Breeze remained a vital communication tool for the VCC camp until the camp was decommissioned and closed down on May 15, 1942. [click here to read the Minatare Free Press article about the camp closing]

The digitized or scanned issues of the Breeze we have displayed here is not quite a complete collection of each and every issue that was ever published but it’s pretty close. If you happen to run across any issues of this newspaper that we are missing please let us know so we can get a copy and scan it for our collection.


Volume #1

Vol. #1
– Apr 1935
– Oct 1935
Volume #2

Vol. #2
– Nov 1935
– Oct 1936
Volume #3

Vol. #3
– Nov 1936
– Oct 1937
Volume #4

Vol. #4
– Nov 1937
– Oct 1938
Volume #5

Vol. #5
– Nov 1938
– Nov 1939
Volume #6

Vol. #6
– Dec 1939
– Jul 1940



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