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One of the primary services we provide for our patrons is looking up and making copies of obituaries from any one of the various local newspapers on microfilm.  We also have access to all of the other area newspapers on microfilm so please feel free to contact us about your obituary research needs.  Please note that we have a $5.00 minimum charge pre-paid for obituaries for non-members of the site, members can received 5 free obituary look-ups before they incur a fee.

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6 Responses to Obituary Lookup

  1. Pam Smith says:

    Greetings from Duxbury, Massachusetts!
    I am compiling family history as a wedding gift and it brings me to Kimball and obit requests for Conrad Burbach/Burback d. 1962 and Henry Burback/Burbach d. 1942. Can you direct me to requesting help finding these? Is there a data base I can search online? Is there someone at your end that could do these look-ups for me? I appreciate ANY help!
    Pam Smith

    • WNFRHC Floyd says:


      Thank you for writing! The person who can help you in Kimball County is Shari Robbins, I have cc’d her in a private message to you so she is aware we “talked”. Please write to Shari and give her as much detailed information as you have and I’m sure she’ll be more than happy to help.

      Good luck with your research and please feel free to contact me if you have any other questions in or about western Nebraska…………..Floyd

  2. Angela Zeiler says:

    I’m in search of an obit from Oct 1960 in Alliance is that something you may have access to?

    • WNFRHC Floyd says:

      Yes, we should be able to help you with that…assuming an obituary was actually printed. Please send us the name of the individual and any other details you have using the contact us form on the menu bar above.
      Thank you for contacting us……….Floyd

  3. Raymond Stoddard says:

    Would you happen to have the obituary of: JAMES HOWARD FISHER, who died Nov 1979 in Mitchell?


    • WNFRHC Floyd says:

      James Howard Fisher, b. 09-03-1891 – d. 11-14-1979 – buried in the Mitchell Cemetery

      Yes, we have that obituary. Would you like to stop in to pick up a copy or would you like us to mail it to you?

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