Panhandle Burial Index

Prior to opening our doors to the public back on March 1, 2004, Founder & Director, Floyd Smith III, walked each cemetery in Scotts Bluff County with the exception of Fairview in Scottsbluff and West Lawn in Gering.  The information gathered at each cemetery was then entered into a database to help facilitate and expedite research lookups.

The information for Fairview Cemetery was produced with the assistance of the Fairview staff directly utilizing their in-house records.

The West Lawn Cemetery had their records in an old DOS database but the software had become virtually impossible to use.  Floyd agreed to convert the database from DOS to a Windows based format in exchange for a copy of the data when the conversion was complete.  The cemetery staff agreed and Floyd began the arduous task of data conversion.  After three months of work, the data had been converted and the database was rebuilt using IBM’s Lotus Approach database application which utilizes a standard DBA format.  The records were then added to our in-house burial index which then  completed the Scotts Bluff County portion of the index.

Floyd then set his sights on the surrounding counties in the panhandle.  Starting with Sioux County to the north, Floyd located and visited as many cemeteries as possible to compile a list of burials.  This database is by no means a complete list of every single person buried in the panhandle of Nebraska, but we continue to gather burial information and visit various cemeteries to update and add to our every increasing index.

Below is a list of the counties, cemeteries and number of burials we have in our Panhandle Burial Index.

Banner County
Cemetery Name Burials Photographed
Blanton 8 Yes
Chalk Creek 136 No
Deaton Hill 4 No
Duncan / Big Horn 4 No
Epworth 6 No
Gabe Rock 101 No
Harrisburg 89 Yes
Heath / Lone Pine 15 No
Jensen 6 No
Kirk 90 Yes
Pleasant Hill / Hull 373 No


Dawes County
Cemetery Name Burials Photographed
Antelope Springs 47 No
Belmont 58 No
Bethel 60 No
Calvary 1017 No
Chadron Catholic 1 No
Crawford 0 No
Crow Butte 28 No
Evergreen 17 No
Flag Butte 4 No
Greenwood / Chadron City 0 No
Highland Center 132 No
Marsland 310 No
Parrish Family 9 No
Pleasant Hill 7 No
Pleasant Meadow 4 No
Shisler 0 No
St. Johns 0 No
Whitney 329 No


Goshen County, Wyoming
Cemetery Name Burials Photographed
Ft. Laramie 0 No
LaGrange 0 No
Lingle 0 No
Valley View 6916 No
Wyncote 0 No


Scotts Bluff County
Cemetery Name Burials Photographed
Caldwell 158 Yes
Creighton Valley 327 No
East Lawn 1732 No
Fairview 11259 No
Forest Lawn 2787 No
Henry Crypt 3 Yes
High Butte 278 Yes
Mitchell 2079 No
Mitchell Valley 946 No
Rural & Pasture Burials 11 No
St. Francis Columbarium 16 No
Sunset Memorial Park 2424 No
West Lawn 5276 No


Sheridan County
Cemetery Name Burials Photographed
Fairview 0 No
Hand / Highland 53 No
Hay Springs 3 No
Rushville 0 No

Box Butte County
Cemetery Name Burials Photographed
Alliance City / Greenwood 0 No
Alliance Veterans 1 No
Ball 4 Yes
Bohemian Pioneer 12 No
Calvary Catholic 1408 No
Evergreen / Under 73 No
Fairview 69 No
Hemingford 1660 No
Lawn Church / St. Wenceslaus 83 No
Letan 17 No
Nonpariel / Osborn 1 Yes
Pioneer 19 No
Running Water 6 No
Snake Creek Ranch 5 No
St. John’s Lutheran / Norwegian 59 No
Weinel 1 Yes


Garden County
(tn)=Partial burial list provided by Tony Newton — Thanks Tony!!!
Cemetery Name Burials Photographed
Antelope Valley (tn) 650 No
Ash Creek 23 No
Ash Hollow 172 No
Evergreen 163 No
Fairview 40 No
Hutchinson 0 No
Kowanda (tn) 198 No
Lisco Memorial 55 No
Oshkosh (tn) 1225 No
Plum Creek 122 No
St. Elizabeth (tn) 180 No


Morrill County
Cemetery Name Burials Photographed
Angora 154 No
Bayard 469 No
Chimney Rock 37 Yes
Greenmound 4 No
Oregon Trail 2092 No
Redington 141 No
Silverthorne 38 No
West Lisco 11 Yes


Sioux County
Cemetery Name Burials Photographed
Andrews 9 No
Bodarc 127 No
Danish 21 No
Glendale 61 Yes
Harrison 1032 No
Mason Family 5 No
Montrose 298 No
Pioneer / Hat Creek 22 No
Rural & Pasture Burials 47 No
Sheep Creek 16 No
St. Mary’s 138 No
Union Star 44 No
Unit / Unitt 5 No

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