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The volunteer staff at the West Nebraska Family Research & History Center are dedicated to helping our patrons with their local research needs but we also understand that not all of our patrons live close enough to do their own on-site research, therefore we offer a limited amount of research services to help the out-of-town researcher.  Our fees are minimal at best and work on a tiered system.  We have a minimum research fee of $5.00 which pays for up to five pages of copied material.  The copied pages could include, an obituary, a marriage record, a funeral home or mortuary record, memorial card, etc.  The more copied pages required to complete the research, the cheaper it gets per copied page.  Below is a fee scale to help estimate research costs.

Copied Pages – 1-5 = $5.00

Pages 6-10 = $0.75 per page  ($8.75 max fee)

Pages 11-15 = $0.50 per page  ($11.25 max fee)

Pages 16-20 = $0.25 per page  ($12.50 max fee)

Pages 21 & beyond = $0.15 per page (unlimited maximum)


Using the scale above, a research project that requires two obituaries would cost $5.00

A research project that produces 7 pages of research material would cost $6.50

A research project that produces 14 pages of research material would cost $10.75

A research project that produces 17 pages of research material would cost $11.75 and so on.


Please understand that our facility is funded entirely by donations, we do not receive any tax payer funding, nor are we subsidized by any other organization or company.  Any and all funds received for research services will be used to maintain and build our research collection.  Your consideration for donations above and beyond our research fees is greatly appreciated and encouraged.




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  1. Sharon King says:

    I’m hoping someone there can help me find marriage documentation for my great, great-grandparents, Charles M. Thompson and Delilah Alice Townsend. According to the information I have, they were married March 27, 1900, in Scotts Bluff. The State of Nebraska apparently does not have marriage certificates prior to 1909, and I need this information for my application to the Daughters of the American Revolution.
    I will be happy to pay for your services if you can help me. I do not need a certified copy of a marriage certificate, a plain photocopy of one would do, or even a newspaper article about the wedding if you can find one.
    Thank you so much for your help,
    Sharon King, Post Falls, Idaho

    • WNFRHC Floyd says:


      We would be happy to help you with your research. Our fees are minimal at best and we will advise you of any charges prior to you incurring them so there are no surprises. We will be in touch with you early next week……….Floyd

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