First and foremost we define a Resource as any type of media, print, digital or otherwise, that can be readily accessed to assist in investigating, answering or resolving a research question/problem.

Staff and patrons alike have immediate access to a number of resources available at the Center. Some of the resources we use are available at other institutions while some of our other resources are only available through us. Below is a list of some the resources we rely on when fulfilling a research request.


Exclusive Resources

All of our in-house projects are considered “Exclusive Resources” as they cannot be found anywhere else or in the format we have developed. Some of these resources are:


Specialized Resources

Privately compiled or created resources are the types of items that fall within the “Specialized Resources” category. Some of the specialized resources we hold are:


Microfilm Collections

We are home to several microfilm collections which are listed below. Please click the collection name to view the holdings for that set.


NSHS Newspaper Microfilm

One of the benefits we enjoy and take full advantage of is the ability to rent microfilm directly from the Nebraska State Historical Society in Lincoln, Nebraska. Our fees to rent microfilm is based solely on what it costs us to get and return the films. Below are two lists which you can use to help locate the films you would like to view. The fist list will display the entire NSHS newspaper microfilm collection sorted by City/Town name. The second list is similar to the first however the films are sorted by county name.


Newspapers sorted by City/Town Name

Newspapers sorted by County Name

Online/Digitized Newspapers

  • We have compiled a list of Nebraska Newspapers that have been digitized and placed online from various institutions, many are free and open to the public and others are posted online in a fee based environment. Please check this list often as it will be updated regularly.


Nebraska Cemetery Registry & Tombstone Photo Project

  • Years ago the Nebraska State Genealogical Society began a project to identify and document every cemetery/burial site in the state of Nebraska while also attempting to photographically document every grave maker at each of those sites. The project eventually ceased to exist due to a change in the webhosting environment and other factors. The West Nebraska Family Research & History Center has recently resurrected the old Cemetery Registry and Tombstone Photo Project under a new, stand-alone domain. Although we are certain many of the cemetery lists available on some of the other websites are fairly accurate, we are equally certain that none are as complete as what we offer here at this new project website. As you can imagine this cemetery/burial site list is constantly evolving as new burial grounds are discovered and we realize this list is far from complete, but it may be the most complete list available anywhere. If you have information you’d like to share, please let us know. If you like to contribute your tombstone photos to this project please visit and use the login link in the upper right corner of the screen and then fill out your registration information. You’ll be able to immediately begin adding photos but they will be held in que until approved by an administrator.


Online Membership Based Resources


Cooperative Affiliations


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