WNFRHC Microfilm Collection

Over the years we’ve had an opportunity to purchase some microfilm for our in-house collection for our patrons to use.  Most of the films we buy comes directly from the Nebraska State Historical Society, however we have and will purchase films from other sources as budgeting allows.  Below is a list of the films we own.


Name of NewspaperDates CoveredCounty, STNSHS
Contol #
Mitchell Index5/17/1917 to 4/8/1920Scotts Bluff Co., NEc#012806
Mitchell Index4/15/1920 to 6/7/1923Scotts Bluff Co., NEc#012807
Mitchell Index6/14/1923 to 4/15/1926Scotts Bluff Co., NEc#012808
Mitchell Index4/22/1926 to 3/7/1929Scotts Bluff Co., NEc#012809
Mitchell Index3/14/1929 to 4/28/1932Scotts Bluff Co., NEc#012810
Mitchell Index5/5/1932 to 5/9/1935Scotts Bluff Co., NEc#012811
Seward Weekly Reporter1/20/1874 to 11/18/1875Seward Co., NEc#011451
Spalding Enterprise4/19/1945 to 12/18/1947Greeley Co., NEc#004748
St. Paul Phonograph-Herald9/26/1878 to 6/1/1882Hall Co., NEc#004993

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