Robert Zemanek:
DNA basics for the Genealogist


For those new to the idea of DNA testing for genealogical purposes or those that are familiar with the concept of having their DNA tested to help prove and/or disprove a family connection and whether that’s even possible, this program is for you.  Mr. Zemanek will discuss the very basics of DNA testing for genealogical purposes and in the process he will answer some of the common questions individuals have about DNA testing.  Robert will explain what are considered realistic expectations of the results individuals receive back from a DNA testing company, how to interpret the results and the next steps, if any, you should consider after you’ve had a chance to digest all that information.  For example, should you explore specific surname projects or perhaps contribute to regional projects.

Mr. Zemanek will take the time to explain the various terms associated with DNA testing such as Autosomal DNA, X chromosomal DNA, Y chromosomal DNA, Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) and the difference between them all, Haplogroups or subgroups, and test markers.

Robert will also provide a list of reputable places for attendees to further their research on the subject of DNA testing for genealogical research.  This program is in no way meant to be the only means for you to receive information on DNA and genealogy, however it is meant to help you understand the basics about the subject while giving you the tools to explore the topic in a more informed manner.

DNA Basics for the Genealogist is scheduled for Friday, August 26th at 6:00 pm instead of our normal third Saturday of the month day and time.  As always the program is free and open to the public and a question/answer session will follow the presentation.


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