Ross, Iva Myrtle (Loghry)

  • Born: 1 Jan 1915 ~ Page Co., Iowa
  • Highest Rank: Civilian
  • Wartime Activity: Kaiser Shipbuilding
  • War Effort Job: Electrician
  • Dates of Service: 1943-1945 / WW2
  • Unit of Service: n/a
  • Entrance to Service: n/a
  • Locations of Service: Vancouver, Washington
  • POW?: n/a
  • Service Related Injury: n/a
Iva Myrtle (Loghry) Ross
  • Interviewed by:  Mary Jo Davis
  • Date of Interview: 06 Nov 2003
  • Place of Interview: Western Nebraska Veterans Home
  • Length of Interview: 35:11
  • {audio}/VHP/Ross_Iva Myrtle (Loghry)/Ross_IvaMyrtle(Loghry).mp3{/audio}

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