We offer a number of services here at the Center, some of which we charge a fee for and yet others are free.  Some of our services are as simple as answering basic genealogy how-to questions to hosting a group meeting or small family reunions to the more complex needs of researchers such as in depth research projects and probate heir research.  Regardless of whether there will be a fee or not we are always happy to consult with you about your projects and needs before you incur the cost.  Please feel free to call or email us to discuss your needs today.

Some of our services include:


Research Services

  • Obituary look-up
  • Cemetery research
  • Marriage record look-ups
  • Mortuary/Funeral Home research
  • Land records research
  • other local history research

** Please review our Research Service Fees prior to ordering any of the above named services.**


Specialize Services

  • Family History Research Projects-
    This type of research is generally moved to our online family research site where the person who commissioned us to do the research is added as an administrator so they can immediately see and share any discoveries we collectively make.  As an administrator they have the ability to invite other family members to the site to contribute to the overall success and advancement of the research.  The site and details of everything that is added to it are not accessible by the general public.  However, the public can search for names and if a family connection is suspected they may contact the Research Center and/or the family file administrator for possible inclusion in the project.
  • Probate or Heir Research-
    This service entails researching heirs of a particular estate.  This research is often time consuming and costly and therefore not often requested.  Please contact us if this is the type of research you are considering.
  • Family Reunion
    Invite us to attend your family reunion

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